Coortex APS

The most Advanced Planning and Scheduling System for Manufacturing

Plan production, identify material requirements, sequence and control production order. Share and collaborate across different departments like Sales, Purchase, Production and Planning.

Sales Demand

Create or Receive Sales Forecast, input sales orders directly or by integration. Check when it will be ready to dispach. Get allerts and proceed when it is done.

Production & Purchase Plan

Create Production Orders by Master Plan or directly in our MRP, exploding components. Then request raw material and associate them to get the best view of production and inventories

Production Orders

Display production orders, see predicted finish time. Check if there is material to produce. Get alerts. 

Gantt: Schedule Orders

Use your own rules or any available to sequence orders. Considers due date, priorities, setups and material, machine, workforce and tool availability. Simulate and publish the selected alternative

Reports & Dashboards

Show data using our reports or dashboards Build you own reports directly in Coortex.


Use Coortex data in PowerBI, QlikView or any other system, including WhatsApp and e-mails.

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Make better use of your resources

Coortex synchornize data from/to ERP and MES. Then using  its algorithms it allows you to find the best production sequence, the correct workforce distribution ans also the best combination of work shifts

What is Sales Optimization?

It means we focus on delivering orders in a better way. This is done by scheduling production in the most productive alternative, considering all the constraints that do not allow a order to be produced like machine, tools, human resources and material supply. This process is focused on meeting due dates and keeping inventory coverage.

We made Life Simplier

Integrating with ERP / MES, we can to quickly compare different scenarios and strategies. Therefore, we can address issues before it arises, making them more accurate and realistic for customers. Do this with a simple click of a button.

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Increase productivity

It can automate entire process starting from integration to collaboration. It can reduce time and effort from hours to seconds by incredible computer power. Planning and Scheduling are also more detailed and sophisticated than a human could deal, and much faster. It also helps avoiding unnecessary e-mails and calls by providing people in different departments with required information by themselves

Info Visibility

Many different ways to get information. Gantt Diagram, Reports, Dashboards and also in lists. It allows users to identify problems like predicted lateness, peak and valleys or material shortage. But it can help production, sales or purchase management by giving them information to start their process like, create purchase orders, release production orders or identify a order can be dispatched.


It is also a production constraints. It must be considered during planning or scheduling process. It help users to level its usage. It can be also useful to simulate overtime, reduction or hiring requirement to match capacity and demand.


envorinment between


Mobility and user management allows users of different departments to access info directly. No more calls or e-mails to request and send information. It avoids interruption and time waste time,

Realistic delivery dates


Considering all the variables involved in the process like machine, tools, workforce, inventories and purchase orders, it provides a realistic production plan and schedule. It also return delivery dates for sales orders and list all required purchase for purchase in detail.

Decrease Setups

By production optimization focused on sales supply, Coortex APS identify the best alternative reducing unnecessary machine setup. Sequences considers inventory coverage, campaigns, setup matrix for color and material, for example. It helps companies to be prepared, scheduling setup team and listing material to be separated

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Our Features

Sales Forecast

Coortex can predict sales demand based on historical data and AI algorithms. It creates in few seconds a detailed Sales Forecast.


Dozens of reports ready to be downloaded. They can be modified or even built from scratch. Charts, Tables can be added and shared by entire company, including on monitors and smartphones


hundreds of connectors for different systems, such as ERP and MES already available to be downloaded. Even spreadsheet integrations can be built quickly within the tool. Modify if necessary. Integrate with Email, integration systems like Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, or any other cloud system. Simple, fast and easy.

Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

It can create production plans leveled by capacity and aligned with demand. It Allows you to keep the stock coverageas well as prioritize urgent orders. It can use rules that consider the time spent to execute machine setups. Finally, you can simulate, analyze and decide for the best alternative.

  Material Requeriment       Planning (MRP)

It can plan material requirements based on resource capacity. It can align supply with production consumption. Use it alone or together with ERP/MRP module to simulate different scenarios, before commiting to it.


It can schedule production orders, reducing setup times and lateness. It schedules considering machine, tool, manpower and material constraints. Complex rules can be used or you can build from scratch to address specific problems of each process. However, dozens of different process were also developed and they are available.

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Basic Workflow

About Coortex

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Who whe help

With the agility, automation and detailing of the processes of Production Planning and Scheduling, the company as a whole benefits.


We help companies to reduce or even to eliminate the use of spreadsheets, executing complex tasks in minutes and not in hours like it is done manually. Not only faster, but also more detailed and with no error.


It increases Sales Control, getting precise delivery times or alerts of potential risk of lateness. Get this information online without calls or e-mails. Request urgency and see impacts.


Receive feasible and optimized sequences. Get all information necessary like setup schedules and list of material to separate. No more rush and unscheduled setups.


It improves purchase control and decrease inventory level without risking of material shortage. It displays purchase orders to create and also list issues related to material receiveble and urgency


Schedule, Planning and have the necessary information always, anywhere, on any device.

No other system is like Coortex

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